How We Got Started

Matthew Grodowski is the unlikely founder of New Hampshire Illustrator. He has no background in graphic arts, illustration, or journalism. With a PhD in physical chemistry, he was faculty at universities in Boston and Hawaii before leaving academia to create a successful international corporation and several domestic businesses.

One might say his science background is irrelevant to the nature and intent of this endeavor. Yet, teaching chemistry in universities made him realize that the greatest art is explaining complex subjects in a simple way without trivializing the issue. This is the ultimate ambition of this website.

The Goal

A picture is worth a thousand words. We better absorb and remember visual images that verbal communications.

Our goal is to recast complex issues into simple terms with illustrations and without trivializing. We are determined to stay away from political interpretation and spin. Instead, we employ common sense in the areas where it has been abandoned or forgotten. Of course, common sense alone without underlying knowledge can produce oversimplifications and even distortions. Hence, before putting a single drop of ink on paper, we thoroughly research issues that we address.